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Mac OSX 10.8.2 / NVIDIA card users.


Potential Problem when using

some FxPlug filters and plugins with

Mac OSX 10.8.2 and NVIDIA cards.


It has come to our attention that the Operating System 10.8.2 (and possibly other updates) combined with an NVIDIA card in your Macintosh may be the cause of intermittent glitches that may appear during the production, the preparation or the final rendering of some of the FxPlug plugins.

Since the screen glitches "may" or "may not" appear in your computer system with this configuration, we recommend that you download and use our plugins in Trial mode and render a high quality segment of your project to make sure that your configuration does not have that problem.

If you see the screen glitches in trial mode, they will certainly be present when you buy and register your product.

As far as our tests show, any other configurations should work as expected without any problems.

Technical Support.

If you find that your system shows the undesired glitches, and you may want to confirm with our Support Team the problem, please send us a screen shot of when the problem occurs and the information about your system configuration.

Please follow the instruction on the Support page to report your problem.

The Solution.

At this moment the feedback from our users shows that by updating to the latest OSX version (El Capitan) many systems stopped displaying the typical glitches, but it is recommended that you do NOT perform any updates to your operating system during a production or a deadline.

Before you do any updates make sure that your hardware and software meets the requirements of the new Operating System including drivers for your hard drives, extensions or special software that you may need in your daily production.

We apologize for any inconveniences that this incompatibility creates, but this is something out of our control.